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Heavy rock as it should be: trolling, tight and dynamic, but leaving space for spherical passages and melody. Old Man's Riot is a heavy rock band that originated as a side project. After forming a permanent line up, the band quickly became a well-oiled machine. 'Tough-men-rock' with the occasional nod to hard- and sleazerock bands and stoner with characteristic heavy grooves. The band members have gained their experience in individual bands with different styles and are able to put down a smashing live show.


A sinister post-Nazi hair growth experiment in the late 1940’s in the former horror Castle of Wewelburg, Germany, sprouted forth a self-sustaining and individually growing beard. After months of growth, one of the scientists discovered microscopic organisms living within the beard, fighting for survival. It was total carnage, death and destruction in which the entities cannibalized on each other until only one remained. It than merged with the beard, and the mutation started growing exponentially. After decades of experimentation the mutant finally broke free from his captors and in his flight merged with a Gibson les Paul guitar. Although he still bears the scars of his years in captivity, which led to a profound hatred towards men in long white coats, such as dentists or proctologists, it’s now time to present him to the world. We call it: Jurriaan !

They said he couldn’t be killed. But when they almost did, he made damn sure that they’d never get the chance again. After years of retreat in a Japanese temple where he slowly recovered, he spend all of his time as protégé of a well-known kung fu master. Now, incredibly skilled in the arts of beating the shit out of anything with his sticks, he’s a force to be reckoned with. They say he’s like a machine, who doesn’t feel pity, or remorse or fear, and who absolutely will not stop... ever ! An absolute hellraiser. We call him the Tommyknocker, our bass drum basher, the cymbal smasher: Leon !

Roaming the dusty outback on his Harley-Davidson for as long as one can remember, the undertaker spend his life rounding up or disposing of the scum of the earth. His life as a mercenary was very profitable. One by one he picked off every bad seed society had thrown at him, until even the most abandoned regions of the land ran dry. Although the badlands are now just a yellow faded memory, the thundering sound of his customized v-twin shovelhead still echoes through every single note he plays. The man who lays the foundation for the band. A man who has serious issues with authority, many know him as judge, juror and executioner. We know him as: Chris !

In the mid 1950’s strange black and white pictures started to appear randomly of something that could best be described as some form of Yeti, on the Asian continent, stretching from remote regions in Siberia down to the most inhospitable jungle islands of Indonesia. A recent expedition into the heart of Sulawesi finally delivered the proof. A gentle giant was discovered and the most amazing thing was his talent for playing rock music, which seemed to be second nature for this creature from the forest. Rocking away on his guitar, whether it be the screaming solo’s or stone cold riffs, the backbone of Old Man’s Riot, the giant of the jungle: Sander !

He witnessed the crucifixion of Christ, he saw the fall of Troy, rose from the ashes during the destruction of Pompeii, watched the rise and fall of the old and new dynasty of Egyptian pharaoh’s and countless other historic turning points. For he is an old soul, wandering the passages of space and time for eternity. These experiences are reflected in his lyrics which he describes as 'ghosts from the past', mixed in with the moral degradation of western civilisation and his own disgusting practice in the dark and dangerous streets of Harlem. But as looks may be deceiving, don’t be fooled by his forthcoming appearance as he is always pleased to meet you: Martin !


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